Special Instructional Services


Special Instructional Services LogoThe Special Instructional Services Department, as a part of the FCPS learning organization, is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all members, including students, families, community partners and employees, are engaged in preparing students to lead full and productive lives.


In order for students to lead full and productive lives, we will provide leadership, coaching and support to all partners involved in student education to:
  • improve specialized instruction using evidence-based practices
  • promote student goal setting and attainment
  • increase self-determination by teaching students to engage in personal awareness of strengths and needs, self-advocacy and independence
  • be intentional and focused on including the voices of all community members as we are planning to serve the needs of students with disabilities

An Introduction to Special Education and the IEP Process

Watch this brief video to learn more about special education and the IEP process.